PMF & DTRT Nominated for Favorite Action Fanfic!

Stories to Come True by Axarch

Stories to Come True by Axarch

A few days ago Put Me First and Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow were nominated for the Favorite Action Fanfic over at Fanatic Fanfics Awards 2014. I’m still in shock, as I am every day when I look at my stats on WordPress and see that I have followers despite the fact my writing has been less than regular. My bad, I know. No excuses. I don’t know who that benevolent person is who nominated my stories, but I thank you and all my readers from the bottom of my heart. I also want to congratulate InvertedMeridian, KittyinazWhiteWolfLegend, magsmacdonald, FarDareisMai2, misscyn and other authors representing SVM/TB fandoms.

Voting starts today and will continue for two weeks. If you feel like it, cast your vote here.

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Coming up on DTRT

Tea Time by TsaoShin

As I have begun outlining Chapter 20 of DTRT (working title “Taken”), I also reread the most recent chapters of DTRT and went over my notes. Let me tell you, I’ve got a lot of notes. Hah. The good thing about a complicated mess such as DTRT is that there are many avenues to build the plot and bury the plot bunnies. What sucks is that at some point they all have to be addressed one way or another. So, I’m preparing to address the unresolved and unclear stuff, and that’s where you, my dear reader, come in. Since you guys are the best critics of my work, I want to make sure I don’t leave anything behind, ‘cause there are only a few chapters left in the story.

I would like to give answers to as many questions as I possibly can, and if you think of any loose ends, let me know. It may be anything – a trifle, or a major turn of events – whatever bothers you in this chapter or that, even back to Put Me First. Why did he say this? Who did that? Who was hiding outside Fangtasia the night Eric went tracking but heard Sookie and dropped the hunt and flew to Bon Temps? Etc. You get the idea, I’m sure. If it’s something that has already been dealt with, I’ll just clarify in response to the comment.

While I retain my right as the author to twist the story any way it takes me (the characters steer the wheel, I just hold on to it), I do want to thank you all for being so kind to me and my rants, forgiving my mistakes, and encouraging me along the way. And I can’t bare the thought of any of you walking away disappointed because there are missing or inconsistent pieces to the puzzle.

Burtonized Pinkie Pie by Dracunnum


By the way, I might not post a sneak peek into the upcoming chapter. Too many spoilers ;)


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Sunil, a DTRT Short is Up!

Young Moordragon by dashase

Young Moordragon by dashase

I realized that when I write my story, I often have to sort of meander around other characters’ motivations, lives, etc, because of the limitation of the narrative in SPOV or EPOV. I try embedding enough clues for the reader to deduce what’s in other characters’ heads, but since I’m the author it’s always more clear to me than you. I wanted to give you a look into another small facet of DTRT – a facet that didn’t really fit within the story but would provide a very interesting insight into what happened the night of the coronation. Trust me, every time I write something that may come across as weird, there’s a whole story of its own behind it. Such as this one:

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In The Spotlight – “For Want of a Stone” by Jason Alan

I’m very proud to present “For Want of a Stone” in today’s spotlight, a fantasy novel by Jason Alan. It is the first book in the series, and I’m hoping to see the next installment verrry soon. Meanwhile, for a limited time you can obtain the published novel for free, available on Amazon here.

[Alpha's note: the special offer expired as of 01/22/2014, and to my knowledge the book now runs at its regular price.]

Jason has kindly agreed to have Chapter I featured on my site for all of you to take a peek. Enjoy this great story, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself clicking on the links to the full version in no time.

For Want of a Stone

Chapter I: Grinder

Marten struck a match with the heel of his boot, lit his cigar, and walked away.
Logan contemplated that it may be wiser to discuss certain matters with a wall than to confer with his father. Thick frustration furrowed the boy’s brow as his old man strolled so casually away, puffs of smoke escaping that ever-present cylinder of stink at what seemed to be perfectly timed intervals. If he were to extract lessons from the man who raised him, they could be broken down as such; be loyal to family, maintain a strong and healthy work ethic, and refrain from developing such deplorable habits as smoking. The former two he learned by example. The latter, from the brown semi-liquid substance that he coughed up and spit out on an almost daily basis…

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DTRT Ch 19 Is Up!

Red Dragon by deskridge

Red Dragon by deskridge

Thanks to all who has continued to read the story. This chapter has been in works for a very long time. It’s finally here, and I do hope you won’t hate me for the cliffy.

If you want to learn more about Felipe’s palace and Calat Alhambra, click here.


Help needed! If you recognize the story below, please please reply to this post! WhiteWolf has been looking for it for a while now:

“I read a story a while back. I do not remember the title and it’s driving me up the wall. I do remember this much though. Eric and Sookie go to a cave. It’s a magical cave of some sort. Sookie is exploring her powers or something. Two things stuck with me though. The first is a magical box they have in the cave, that you ask for something…food or clothes and it appears in the box by magic. Another thing I remember is Sookie killing Eric’s maker Ocella later in the story . There is little bits I remember too. During the day , in the forest near by it is like spring time, but at night it’s absolutely freezing cold. There is also someone helping to train sookie to fight., Eric is teaching Sookie Swedish, while Sookie is teaching him modern  day language. I want to find this story. I am not sure if it is on fiction press or here or the Writers Coffee shop…..but Any help would be greatly appreciated. “

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Happy New 2014!

Happy 2014

Happy 2014, my lovelies! I wish you health, love, and happiness! Surround yourselves with honest people who care and don’t be afraid to say no when you feel it’s the right thing to do. Let this year be the most awesome, rocking, and exciting year for you and your loved ones.

After having 2013 kick me in the butt, I have decided to return the favor and kick a bit of butts myself. The list of butts includes finishing DTRT, and I feel I’m back on track, with the next chapter at its 7K word mark. Which means it will be up in a couple of weeks!

Until then,

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Sneak Peek into DTRT Ch 19

Autumn Dragon by PerlaMarina

Autumn Dragon by PerlaMarina


“Whom did the donor belong to?” I inquire. A master is as responsible as his human.

“No one,” Harold disappoints. “Her services were rendered through a subdivision of our Human Resources. One of my men is going over the security footage for the past twenty-four hours to find out whom she was in contact with prior to the attack. We will interview everyone we are able to identify and locate. We are also tracing Mark the were guard’s movements through the computer system. Each time he used his key card to so much as open a door, it got recorded.”

Sookie squeezes the armrests of her chair. “That’ll take too much time,” and the fleeting crackling in her voice gives away the elevated stress.

“We must go through the motions.”

Appearances. “I understand,” I say reservedly. With my men already being deployed to Arkansas, this line of investigation is practically useless, but Harold may not break the royal protocol. We need other shortcuts. “What of Mark’s supervisor?”

“He gave the order to suspend Ms. Swift’s H privileges based on some technicality. He stands by his decision.”

“He’s as blank as a primed wall, I checked,” Sookie notes. “But I should still talk to him in person.”

“I will arrange that,” Harold nods. “Meanwhile, in reviewing the timeline, I find none of the events are merely a coincidence.”

I glance at Sookie. “Someone tried to eliminate Raven to get to you. To isolate you. Someone made the reservation at the spa so that you would be alone at that particular hour. The same person who had Nattie, Mark, and his supervisor glamoured.” And she heard nothing from either bloodbag!

“Sookie,” Harold shifts his eyes from me to her, “if there is anything – no matter how insignificant you think it may be…”

“In the hindsight, there was this wrinkle with Nattie,” Sookie replies, pensive. “Earlier by the pool, she was telling me how nice I was to her, but she was filled with contradicting emotions. I could feel it through the wall of glamour. It was almost like she wasn’t supposed to think about me, yet what she was feeling was not sitting well with her.”

“She was already under someone’s control,” I suddenly realize, not without a chill…

Cars, Roads, & … Armin Van Buuren!

I just had to share this video with you, guys. Perfect for a ride in a car, to lift a mood, to make you wonder where the roads of life will take you…

… and, of course, there is the theme of Fast & Furious laced through and through. Mr. Armin Van Burren, as always, is in his own video, no shortage of modesty here, hahaha – he’s so…. not cute, no, but I get the feeling he is not afraid of making fun of himself, and I LIKE IT!

By the way, I watched the first season of Hemlock Grove on Netflix. Bill Scarsgård stars in one of the leading roles, and guess what – he is following in his big brother’s footsteps! A young, sexy monster in a bloody-ish fiction which so far is far better and original than True Blood, but the jury is still out on the plot. The first season is only the beginning. There is a lot going on, and the makers of the show have barely scratched the surface. I only hope the Scarsård brothers do not turn into a cliche for blood-sucking fangers (at this point I’m not entirely sure what the young Scrasård’s character actually is – a vamp, an upir, or what, but there was blood, and lots of it.) Has anyone else seen Hemlock Grove? What do you think of it?

The Sagas of the Irish Laigin: The Ribbon Tree – Girded for Battle, Chapter The First


I was taken from the first words. Some of you are familiar with the author Carroll E. Stewart (Preemptive Strike, among many other fanfic stories can be found here in addition to her WP blog.) The Sagas are, as I understand, an original work, and so far the first chapter has been posted. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Originally posted on Carroll E.Stewart:




Girded for Battle, Chapter The First



Long before the age of men

 Long before the first blood was spilled.  There came to be The Land of Laigin, there came to be those of The Age.  There came to be for the Irish, those that they could call their own.


The Laigin loved and laughed and brought forth The Magicks

And The Curse, applied to those, whose end was tragic.

 There were useful Fae  and those under foot; those with wisdom, whom none forsook.

They loved one land more than another. 

Their Isle of Green and those they called brother.

 Their pettiness and victories walked before them.   

But without belief to light their path, their path, like memories, became dim.

The gave they took and they bedded and drank.

They pissed off one witch…

…and with her breath cursed them so that their shit did…

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Musings on DTRT Ch 18

Eric & SookieAs I continue writing DTRT, I see clearer and clearer that everything – anything, any detail, word, hint – has to be fully connected to the main plot. There is no room for verbal flourish and purple skies. For Ch 18, my original plan was to let Sookie have a calm and not very eventful day: she’d spend some time by the pool, hear nothing out of the ordinary, then stumble upon the donor who had been sent to Eric the night before. The central theme of SPOV was supposed to be this encounter, Sookie’s reaction to Nattie, and the explanation of how Cramer took care of the girl on Eric’s orders.

Then I realized it was leading nowhere. It wasn’t connecting with anything. Why even go into her day if it ends with pretty much nothing? We already know Eric didn’t drink from Nattie. We can conjure that Sookie was able to read her mind just as she was being glamoured by Cramer, so there was no secret there. I don’t write for the word count, so what’s the catch? I asked myself. It appeared bland and tasteless to let Sookie waste her light hours on ‘human nonsense’. It was not going to be good enough. Sookie’s day had to be different. More edgy. Significant. Revealing and at the same time mysterious. Her daytime should be as vital as Eric’s nights; otherwise, there will be no balance for these two characters. Continue reading