Author’s Notes on DTRT Ch 20 & 21

The Aftermath by Kittrose

The Aftermath by Kittrose

The despicable happens – Sookie dies. The focal point of this post is not her death, however. It is why she has to die.

Struggle for power is never easy, fair, or simple. There are sacrifices to be made, and how big or painful those are ought to be is dictated by how significant and large the goals are. Sookie dies for Eric to become king (hence, “Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow”). It’s the price they both must pay to save all those in service to Eric and, by extension, those who will not bow to Madden should the latter prevail.

The question is, is Sookie that selfless? Is she truly capable of sacrificing herself for the greater good? Perhaps, she is. I personally find her too practical, though, to put herself on the altar to be slaughtered. I don’t think she is capable of that merely because it’s not in her nature to give up and give in. She must fight back, not lay down. It’s this mentality that has allowed her to survive however long in the supernatural community. When it comes to open conflict, a war, Sookie, as human and weak Continue reading

Site Update Notice

Green Dragonbat by dashase

Green Dragonbat by dashase

I noticed some of the audio files are not working properly due to a format that is no longer supported by WP. I replaced those with mp3 files and inserted them into the text to be played straight from the page you’re on. Seems like it works much better now than a couple of years ago when I started using soundtracks for my stories.

Also, I couldn’t resist and added a two-minute track toward the end of DTRT Ch 21.



DTRT Character Gallery – Updated!

I thought I’d start with acknowledging all’ya cool people – my awesome readers! Thanks a bunch for showing up for the much delayed Ch 21. Special thanks goes to RedJane12; this great lady’s consistent feedback actually made me want to go back and re-read Put Me First, and guess what – in doing so I found and fixed an oopsie inconsistency in Ch 21 of DTRT. It has to do with the tear of a dragon and Sookie’s special spell that keeps her blood live inside the crystal, so feel free to hop over to the end of the chapter to check it out.

Before I begin drafting Ch 22, I’ve decided to update the PMF/DTRT Character Gallery. Meet Niall Brigant, before…

Niall Brigant

Jeff Bridges as Niall Brigant

… and after Faery’s isolation:

Niall Brigant post-isolation

bridges-tronNow that Sookie has saveid Niall and the entire realm, there is actually hope she’ll give Niall a chance some day. I don’t really believe people change, but when they do, it counts.  
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DTRT Ch 21 Is *finally* Up!

The Lost World by HaleyDesigns

The Lost World by HaleyDesigns

This chapter has been lots of trouble. After l’d lost the first draft, I had to recreate all the fight scenes, and when I thought I was ready to wrap things up, the story took an unexpected turn and basically ran away from me. Yes, yes, my Muse showed me the third finger and told me to shut it and be grateful she is helping me out. On another positive note (but mostly to get on your good side, my dear readers), I am not ending Ch 21 with a cliffhanger. So…

Previously in DTRT…


…As I enter the house, annealed tension greets me. Men and women of mature essence, experienced in battles, stealth, and deceit, they are seated and standing in groups of three, representing Indiana, Iowa, and Kentucky, and four from Mississippi. My crew has taken strategic positions at all exit points. I look round the room, meeting eyes and probing dark magic. Beneath it all, there is a layer of subversion – concealed inner structures with backward flow – in the fields of the outsiders. Continue reading



Wonderful idea, I’m all for it! Yeah, we need a new place where we’ll have more control over the content, ability to post pics and other stuff, as well as not be worried about callous censoring of our works.

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attention wp writers

Attention WP writers, betas (and readers/enthusiasts). After much discussion on the state of our beloved TB/SVM fandom and some hints from readers here or there we feel there could be a better way to direct traffic away from ff. net, which with its creeps on PM, hateful guest reviews and random bigotry has left us all disenchanted and on occasion has stalled the motivation to write. We feel there should be one site that allows an easy overview of what the different WP writers have to offer as a better alternative to the dreaded ff. net and hopefully invigorate our slightly waning fandom. At the moment a lot of writers have a blog roll on their own page that will direct you to the different blogs, initiate spotlights or make recommendations but despite that for most readers transitioning from ff. net to WP it’s a difficult place to navigate and…

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Sneak Peek into DTRT Ch 21

Those of you who follow me on twitter probably know some time ago I lost the only copy of the new chapter and according to Murphy’s law there was no back up. Anyhow, I re-fired Chapter 21, perhaps even better than the first version. Since I don’t want to share important spoilers, this sneak peek will not give you much (or any, hahaha) answers to the most burning questions. This is just a teaser, a thank-you to my devoted readers, and to let you know the story goes on.


neues Leben by gestandene

neues Leben by gestandene


Unaware of the time’s run, I am standing paralyzed, futilely trying to detect a slightest sign of life in the dear face so white as if chiseled out of marble, but beautiful, strangely calm, and unnervingly different from every single memory I have of her. Continue reading

DTRT Ch 20 Is Up!

Kiss of Death by michellemonique

Kiss of Death by michellemonique

I want to congratulate all winners and nominees of the TB/SVM Fanfic Awards, and also thank those of you who took time to vote for yours truly. Although I have not been named as a winner, I feel like one, because it thrills me to write for a fandom with so many devoted authors and readers. With SVM book series over, and True Blood coming to an end, I can tell with confidence: the saga of Sookie and Eric lives on.

The next chapter of DTRT is finally up. Many thanks to amazing bwtawny for consulting me on some medical questions, and whatever I fucked up is on me and Google (almost spelled it as Giggle). I’ve run out of patience and decided not to post Annotations, so feel free to giggle up or ask me in comments what the heck I was thinking about writing this or that.

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The Rules . . .


I was just informed yesterday about more TB/SVM goodness! I’m excited, and my Muse is excited, too! She is demanding that once I reblog this notification, I get right back to Chapter 20 and continue with EPOV ;)
Also, if any one of you, my dear readers, have medical background, please let me know. I need to verify some info for the chapter, and I don’t know if what I’ve found on the I’net is going to work for what I have in mind. Thank you!

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official rules

Before we open up for nominations on May 1, we thought it would be a good idea to explain the rules we, The Authority Panel,  have discussed.

  1. All completed fanfictions may be submitted for consideration.
  2. A WIP (work in progress) must have been updated within the last six months to be considered for any category EXCEPT the Pins and Needles award.  We understand there are some phenomenal stories out there that are in progress, but we want to try to celebrate those authors that are continuously striving to update their stories.
  3. For the New Kid on the Block award, the author must have posted their first story between May 1, 2013, and April 30, 2014.
  4. For next year’s awards (yes, we are thinking ahead), the same story cannot win a category twice.  For example, if Bored to Death were to win The Best of the Best (favorite fic of all-time)…

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Sneak Peek into DTRT Ch 20

New addition to the PMF and DTRT Character Gallery:

Meet Malcolm Ridley. This OC appears in DTRT. He is a dark horse at first. Sent to Area Five to watch Eric in an official capacity of a royal intern of the sorts, he also has another less admirable mission. But his heart leads him in ways none of his masters would predict.



I also decided a sneak peek is in order.


…Weak smells of disinfectants and chemicals reminded of a hospital, a very clean, tidy hospital. The two nurses in light blue scrubs were silent and completely detached in their professional attitude. I had to be the patient, of course.

My clothes were gone, replaced by a hospital gown. I was hooked up to machines that were beeping softly, reading my vitals. My ankles and wrists were strapped to the bed, but even if I were free, I’d be going nowhere in the near future, not on my own, at least. I was weak as a kitten. Continue reading