DTRT Ch 24 Is Up!

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ordinarily, I would insert here snippets from the previous chapters to help you catch up, but it’s almost 3 a.m., and I just want to get Ch 24 out.

Happy reading!

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Sneak Peek into DTRT Ch 24

General Sephiroth by K-Koji

General Sephiroth by K-Koji (Final Fantasy)

I have completed a full revision of Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow. There were some minor errors with the timeline and a couple of details I changed to improve the flow of the story, but nothing major that would confuse you down the road.

Before we have a little taste of the next chapter, I want to thank all of you who read Ch 23 and especially those who took time to comment. It meant a lot to receive the feedback. The viewing stats for the story aren’t as high as I’m used to seeing them, and I can’t help but feel I’m losing the reader base and that this piece of fanfic has become irrelevant. I know I’ve taken too long to update (my bad), and I wish I had more time to dedicate to writing. Maybe, I’m just too much in my head, or maybe I’m a dragon and it’s time to wrap up for good. I don’t know. I still intend to finish DTRT. Review love keeps me going, so I appreciate it more than I can tell you.

“Last Reunion” by talented Peter Roe is part of the epic inspiration mix. Plug in those headphones and enjoy.


…I said, “Eric, I don’t want to walk on eggshells around you.”

Immediately, his eyes snapped back to me. “Either do I,” he admitted in a low voice.

“Then let’s not make this any harder than it has to be.” I wasn’t going to air our dirty laundry in front of outsiders down in NOLA. We had to present a united front, come hell or high water. “So… we’re okay, considering?”

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DTRT Ch 23 Is Up!

I’m Eric Northman. I am here to bite you… now.

As promised. If I missed something, be kind and let me know.

Previously in DTRT…


“Something else. Sookie has been asking about the woman that belongs to Ridley. She is in Arkansas.”

A slight complication that pales in comparison to my newest concern: “Victor has been gone for over an hour. Do you know where he is?” I ask.

“Back to town. From there, he dropped from my radar.”

My enemy is missing not by my hand – an ominous sign. Though I feel compelled to seek out and exterminate him, I must bide my time. The best option is to fall back immediately.

DTRT Ch 19: The 11th Hour

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Sneak Peek into DTRT Ch 23

A Bump in the Road - by d1sasterp1ece9

A Bump in the Road – by d1sasterp1ece9

07/31/2015 update: new chapter is coming Saturday or Sunday night. Get ready.

07/30/2015 updated: I have now reached the 10.5K word count mark on Ch 23. If I post as is, there will be a cliffhanger. Or, we wait a little longer, and get the whole shit-hits-the-fan scenario in one chappie. Thoughts?


The palace is in a state of poorly contained chaos: human staff shuttling, spooked, reeking of fear; security guards disorganized and acting lost due to lack of direction from the confused mid-level management; and Arkansas and Louisiana vampires beginning to file into the huge lobby, nervous, weary, and on edge. When they see me stride surely with my extensive crew in tow, they part, letting me through. I catch glances – from hate filled to appraising to relieved – and scan everyone within my energy globe. Although I am an excellent judge of character, as it is, reading fields is definitely a tool I shall put to good use tonight.

I am greeted by Madden’s Chief of Staff Noonan T. Carmichael whom I remember last from the limousine ride to the Beehive. I tell him to take me to the regent’s office, and once he does, his usefulness to me is obsolete.

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I’ve been itching to post an update for a couple of days now, and finally I have a few minutes to myself to do just that. I know it’s been a while since Chapter 22 of DTRT went live. I’ve been dry on inspiration lately, my health and emotional state off and on in RL, which prevented me from putting a single decent sentence together for the next chapter. Fortunately, things have been shifting bit by bit toward a better place I’m finding myself in more often than not. Inspiration comes in different shapes and forms, and this time I hope it will last for two more chapters and maybe an epilogue to conclude the tale of Eric and Sookie. I know exactly what will happen in Chapter 24, and I’m going to do everything I can not to take any unnecessary detours in Ch 23. So… I’ll be selecting soundtracks from this collection (best with headphones on):

My goal is to update within 4 weeks or so. If you haven’t caught up on Ashes and Dust yet, please do so and don’t hesitate to drop me a few lines, what you think of the chapter, and what loose ends you may want to see tied. Yes, inspiration comes from your comments, too ;) first and foremost.

Those of you who celebrate – Happy 4th of July!



What I am going to do is the following

My computer is working again! Voting rules changed —>>

An empty podium stands in the front of the room where everyone is waiting for notification about what is going to happen to our beloved fandom. A door in the back opens and in walks a simple woman surrounded by two very famous members of said fandom: Eric Northman and Godric.  The impressive vampires stand to each side of the podium to provide their support. The woman takes her place behind the podium and is nervously shuffling and straightening of her note cards.

*cough cough, deep breath*

“Testing….Testing… Can everyone hear me? Anyone still here? Heck, I’m continuing anyway. Okay, I am not an eloquent writer like some of the amazing women in this fandom. I don’t even have the ability to proof read my own posts often not finding the mistakes until days after it was posted so I will depend on someone else for that. *You know who…

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DTRT Ch 22 Is Up!

ArrowLet me introduce you to my latest obsession (yes, yes, Thor is still a runner-up). Arrow. Oliver Queen. Felicity Smoak. That’s right, people – the smoaking-hot couple on TV is Oliver and Felicity!!!! I’ve watched the three seasons of Arrow four times, and I’m planning to watch the show four times more. And more. And… well, you get the gist. Stephen Amell is the lead male character, and he is a stunning performer. I’m totally lost to Arrow/Oliver. I even found myself writing ‘I had to become someone else. Something else’ in this latest chapter of DTRT *headdesk*.

Back to our beloved fandom:

You Want Blood Awards Voting is open! Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow has been nominated in Best Drama category. Many wonderful writers have been named, so please go vote as often as you can (read the rules, you can vote multiple times and for more than one choice).

I’m posting the next chapter in a bit of a hurry. This project is coming to an end, and I can’t wait to wrap it up. Unbeta’d, all mistakes are mine, and if you feel like pointing them out to me, e-mail me at mralwarr@gmail.com.

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Let the Nominations Begin!

Hmm mmm mmm, it’s that time of year again…

The polls are open and you can now nominate your favorite authors and stories.

Remember we will be taking the TOP 10 nominees with the most votes from each category for you to then vote for your favorites.  Voting will begin May 15th and the winners will be announced May 29th.


1. The story must have been started or updated in the period between May 1, 2014 and April 15, 2015.

2. It is up to you, the nominator, to fill out the nomination form in its entirety. If there are blank spaces on the form, your nomination will be rejected.

3. If any plagiarism is detected in a nominated story, we will pull the nomination and any awards received IMMEDIATELY.

4. For the newcomer award, the author cannot have published a story prior to May 1, 2014, for consideration.

5. The nomination form may be submitted one…

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Sneak Peek into DTRT Ch 22

My latest obsession is Thor. I can’t help it. Aside from my weakness for tall, blue-eyed, blond, “all muscly and everything” guys (in books and on the screen), I find his smile so sweet and innocent it’s just ridiculous, given he’s good at killing people and beasts. I blame my own creation, by the way: Vlad. He just has to have that smile and that deep, rumbling voice. Oh, well… let it be my inspiration. And maybe yours, too.

ThorEnjoy the sneak peek into the next chapter. The working title is “Ashes and Dust”. I’m not telling you whose POV this is ;)


…His argument is strong enough to convince the twins, the most stubborn among the rest, that instead of assembling a panel of emissaries for negotiations with Prince Brigant, an urgent and full convergence is imperative. A short exchange through their unique blood web results in a unanimous decision on when, where, and how. A few of them immediately begin pulling strings and activating assets to set the plan in motion. The rest leave their remote posts all over the globe. Soon, they will break their most valued principle to never openly meddle into the worldly affairs of the human realm. Continue reading

Abby’s Corner: The 4th Issue Is Up!

Eric N Oh SweetyAbigale Hansen, an authority on vampires and vampire-human relationships, is back to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about vampires in the 4th Issue of Abby’s Corner.

If you haven’t read the Disclaimer, I’ll just say I’m not responsible for opinions or facts Abby makes, states, proves, disputes, agrees, argues, ridicules, or avoids all together. Continue reading at your own risk here