DTRT Alternative Ending

I’ve been cleaning out my fanfiction closet, pulling my stories off ff.net and AO3 and going over the DTRT files, and I stumbled upon a DTRT epilogue I wrote four years ago when the third installment in the Beyond the Invisible series was still on the table. In it, Sookie was supposed to have disappeared, and Eric would have to search for her, find her, and win her back all over.

The sequel’s plot and the ending are now vastly different from what I had in mind back then, since none of the above mentioned crap will be happening. DTRT concludes in a way that I consider promising, yet definite enough not to be a cliffie. As I read the alternative epilogue, I found it interesting to reflect on my writing from years ago. Honestly, some passages made me cringe, so I polished it slightly and decided to post for my own amusement. Continue reading

DTRT Ch 26: Bound Is Up!

pinned butterfly by anndr

Appreciate the participation in the poll! I’ll be keeping the soundtracks with the story for now. If you’ve never given it a try, maybe you should. I know songs’ lyrics can be distracting sometimes while reading, that’s why I choose only instrumental pieces to go along with the DTRT narrative in order to create a particular mood. If that’s not your cup of tea, that’s totally fine, too, as it doesn’t take away from the story.

Those of you who never seem to have your earphones nearby – grab them, because there’s a soundtrack in Ch 26. You’ll also need a box of tissues and something cold to drink😉

In this chapter, Eric and Sookie take care of an important personal business; Vlad has to face his maker; and Eric gets to choose between revenge and… well, being the wise, loving, and cunning vampire that he usually is.

I recommend you start reading from Ch 25: Forgiven. Part 2: Clean Slate SPOV afternoon, before Eric’s rising, because that entire scene overflows into the opening scene of the new chapter. Yes, yes, it’s deliciously NSFW, and I might have broken a couple of my own rules (like, less is more), but seeing how this may be my last time writing Eric and Sookie love scene, I just went with it, so don’t judge me too harsh.

No beta. All mistakes are mine.

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New Poll – DTRT Music: Yay or Nay

Thomas Bergersen – Compass (feat Merethe Soltvedt)

Candy by luisbc

Candy by luisbc

Thank you all, my greatest readers, for your r&r’s, reblogs, and likes. Chapter 26 of DTRT will be up tomorrow night – a record posting time for me, three full updates only weeks apart, wee-hee!! I’ve already loaded the draft, now it’s just the matter of me getting over my paranoia and actually hitting that publish button.

There’s a music file embedded into the chapter that I feel goes very nicely with the scene. I have noticed that not every browser allows the soundtracks to be played, and not every file format is supported, so mostly I try to post mp3.

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Inspiration Theme: Eric Prydz – Breathe ft. Rob Swire

Pam is considering Eric Prydz as a guest star DJ for the opening at the new Fangtasia a.k.a. to the readers of DTRT as Babylon. She has a darn good taste. Just like her Maker.

Ch 26 has nearly reached 10K mark, which means… it’ll be up soon-ish. If nothing messes up my RL. Happy Sunday, and enjoy the EDM piece!

Sneak Peek into DTRT Ch 26

Fable The Last Story by HaleyDesigns

I’m on the roll, people! Almost 8K into DTRT Ch 26, and stuff is happening big time. Thank you all for R&R, you’ve lifted my spirits tremendously! Keep cheering the lady Muse up! If you haven’t had a chance to drop me a line on Ch 25: Forgiven. Part 1: The Price of Freedom, please let me know what you think. It’s mostly EPOV, and since I still have a lot to write from his point of view, I’d like your feedback.

In this preview I’m paying homage to Ch 22: Ashes and Dust. Enjoy!



The first thing Kha did was examine his genius progeny from head to toe, and the younger vampire said something in Russian, to which Kha nodded, only marginally relaxing.

“Why did you call with such urgency, then?” he switched to English. “I assume it has nothing to do with the recruitment chore you so adamantly assigned to yourself.”

Vlad didn’t appear intimidated, but respectfully lowered his gaze. “This is important for the Order. I ask that you hear Eric out.”

Kha turned the full force of his unblinking stare onto Eric and me. “The Phoenix risen.”

“What?” I stammered. How did he?…

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DTRT Ch 25 Part 2 Is Up!

General Sephiroth. Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core

*spoilers warning*rant begins* I love the idea of Eric, Vlad, and Sephiroth as warrior friends in my verse. Of course, Sephiroth can never take Constantin’s place in the hearts of the two vampires, but he wouldn’t need to. The unique character that he is… well, it would be a different, happier, more fulfilling friendship. Constantin’s past before the Deadliest of the Deaths wasn’t pretty, much like Eric’s, and although I don’t have Constantin’s backstory in PMF or DTRT, it’s worth mentioning he had a brooding but extremely loyal personality. I also don’t write openly that his final death was his own doing. He gave into his dark side (remember Sookie asking Eric not to?), and eventually it consumed his sanity. Meeting the sun was the only way out.

Sephiroth is way more pragmatic as an OC/OOC in my story. I model him (his appearance in particular) after General Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, but in my verse he’s not what he is in FF7 – a human whose DNA was manipulated with alien cells at a fetus stage. I can’t reveal yet what exactly he is, but he has the qualities Vlad and Eric value most: unparalleled fighting (specifically with katana) skills, fierceness, smarts, wisdom, knowledge of vampire and supernatural history, connections, financial savvy, sexual prowess, and above all loyalty. If these three learn to trust each other, they will trust to their final deaths. Yeah, I’m pretty eager about Sephiroth joining the cast, but we’ll see how and in which capacity. Maybe, there will be an opportunity for the three of them to come together in the DTRT epilogue. I leave you and myself guessing at this point. But expect to meet Sephiroth before this epic concludes. *end fan rant*

Well, here we are, getting closer to the grand finale. I’m pretty sure there will be one or two more chapters after this, plus an epilogue. That’s it, people, I solemnly swear, no more. Now’s time to cheer me up and show me some love, ’cause my Muse is getting depressed – not a good thing, considering we’re stuck in the beginning of Chapter 26 on a hugely important, pivotal scene, and I’m just not feeling it *sigh*.

BTW, as I was writing Chapter 25, I added a bunch of notes to myself to go along with the main narrative. The notes show the inner workings of the plot, so I might arrange them into a readable post if anyone’s interested.

So, find a cozy spot, grab a drink, and prepare to read and, you know, review.

Previously in DTRT…

DTRT Character Gallery Updated – Sola

Lifehouse. Album “Smoke & Mirrors.” Track. “All That I’m Asking For.” Release: 2010.

Nobility by merillizaART

Nobility by merillizaART

I regularly browse a few of my favorite sites for inspiration in form of artwork for DTRT. It’s been my obsession to find Sola – beautiful, high-born, with an ethereal aura to her appearance. I have just come across this piece by the talented and amazing merillizaArt, and it clicked. This is what Sola would look like.

I haven’t found Kha, and most likely I never will. He has a very specific appearance and a facial scar that, unless I commission an art piece, I won’t be able to share visually with you. Written word will suffice in his case.

I’m working on DTRT Ch 26, current title Beyond the Invisible. Part 2 of Ch 25 Forgiven, titled Clean Slate, is coming up in a few days; until then, I’m hoping to read more of your feedback on Ch 25 Forgiven. Part 1: The Price of Freedom, so please catch up and review.

For more characters, browse PMF and DTRT Character Gallery.

Thank you all for your continuous support, and to Meridian: your DM notes were invaluable.

Your Truly,


Sneak Peek into DTRT Ch 25 Part 2



Sadly, no one seems to remember why the heck Eric decided to go into the Lost Lands. The answer is the key to the riddle of the voices, and at this point in the story I consider it no longer a mystery. But I’m still not gonna tell you… *evil cackle*. Feel free to look it up😉

Also, the comment box wasn’t available for a few hours when I posted Ch 25 P 1, so if you tried to leave a review and weren’t able to, I apologize. The comment box is working now.


I tried to get a read on her, but her mind was also hard to penetrate. Her broadcast was solid on the surface, with an unfamiliar pattern of waves to it. As each wave bumped into me, I was able to glimpse an image or two at best, but it was easier to read the accompanying emotions that she and her fellow guardians transmitted in abundance. I felt their sincerity. Commitment. Pride at being the chosen ones. Nyana might not know of my role in saving Faery and, consequently, the Britlingen dimension, but she knew I was too important, and not just because I belonged to the house of Brigant.

I stifled an irritated sigh. My great-grandfather seemed to be suffering from a severe case of Eric’s trademark ‘Protect Sookie at all Costs’ disease.

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How To: The Secret to Creating a Good Love Scene

For the purposes of this post, I will not discuss PWP, only lemons withing solid plots. Post rating: very mature. Don’t read if you’re uncomfortable admitting certain things to yourself or to others when it comes to love and sex. NSFW. Contains language and images unsuitable for immature people who can’t say ‘penis’ or ‘vagina’ without blushing or bursting into pearls of idiotic laughter.

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DTRT Ch 25 Part 1 Is Up!

I couldn’t find the source. If you recognize this work, please let me know so I could add the link and credits.

Chapter 25 picks up right where we left off, with Eric and Sookie having a serious conversation at the palace in NOLA at the end of Ch 24.

This is Part 1 of Ch 25, in which Eric suffers from self-loathing, Sookie fights to win fangs and hearts, and things happen. Part 2 will most likely be posted a week from now. We’re at the finish line, people. Time to cheer, or I’ll succumb to an unhappy Muse.

Some of the art work is NSFW… but you’ve seen weird and explicit stuff on my blog before. So…

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